Internship in Japan

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International Cooperation
(Last updated: 2015-5-20)


Internship in Japan

1. The cooperation has been carried on between NHCIC and the Japan International Association of Volunteer Communication. Students will be sent to different companies in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagano for a 3-month professional and cultural internship.
2. “2+1” programs in 2 universities in Tokyo-to and Chiba-ken (2 years of study in NHCIC and 1 year of study in Japan)

Internship in Singapore

The short-term internship in Singapore was jointly launched by ETT Training Center, Shenzhen Xingguang Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd and International Communication and Service Center of Singapore. In 2002, Singapore drew on the experience of the “Work & Travel” in USA and launched its own Singapore Internship Program. It has been successfully operated for 11 years with thousands of students with TWP and TEP taking part in this program every year.

Students in this program will have a 3-month paid internship and English training in Singapore.
During the internship, students are able to travel around Singapore in their spare time before returning to China.

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