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International Cooperation
(Last updated: 2015-5-20)


Study in Australia (Study for Bachelor’s Degree)

Strathfield College (SC) in Sydney Australia has affordable tuition fees, which amounts to approximately RMB 60,000 per year, lower than other universities. SC requires an IELTS minimum of 5.0. Students can apply to study in SC without taking the university preparation courses.
Students can advance to the next level of study in other Australian Universities after one year of preparation in SC.

Students will get an SC qualification or double qualification after 2 years of study in SC.
Students will get a Bachelor’s Degree in Australia after 3 years of study in SC.
SC offers pathways to many prestigious Australian Universities which allows students to pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

High-achieving students of NHCIC can apply for SC Scholarship as SC provides excellent student support.

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