Study in Taiwan

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International Cooperation
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Study in Taiwan (Student Exchange Program)

1. Short-term Visit in Taiwan
Students will expand their knowledge of Taiwan by:
(1) Experiencing the featured courses designed by Lan Yang Institute of Technology
(2) Visiting famous cultural and scenic spots in North and East Taiwan

2. Ming Chuan University (MCU) (Student Exchange)
Taiwan Ming Chuan University (corresponding to 2A university in Mainland, China) is the only university in Taiwan accredited by the Middle States Commission On Higher Education(MSCHE) with an education system – Moodle rank of number 5 in the world. The Student Exchange Program jointly ran with NHCIC is a breakthrough program which allows students from NHCIC to take courses relevant to their majors in NHCIC and register for credits. With this program, students from NHCIC can even win the chance to study in the Michigan USA branch of MCU (MCUMl).

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