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International Cooperation
(Last updated: 2015-5-20)


Study in Thailand (Study in Thailand for Bachelor’s Degree)

Dhurakij Pundit University’s (DPU) name translates as “Business knowledge”. This explains why the Industry and Commerce major is one of the key majors in DPU. The department of Industry and Commerce of DPU has established long-term cooperation with many famous western universities and colleges, which provides their students with many chances to communicate with the world and take up advanced studies.

Nanhua College of Industry and Commerce (NHCIC) is currently working with Dhurakij Pundit University on a cooperative degree program which includes the following:
1. 2-3 years of study in NHCIC (China) + 1.5 years of study for a Bachelor’s Degree in DPU
(Thailand) + 1 year of study for a Master’s Degree in DPU (Thailand)
2. Majors available: International Business Administration, Tourism Management,
Hotel Management, Financial Management, Accounting, Fashion Design & Manufacture
3. Tuition and fees in DPU:
RMB 38,000 for the 1.5-year Bachelor’s Degree including fees for registration, fees for application of visa, fees for teaching materials, fees for thesis guidance and consultation, fees for library resources and internet access and fees for medical insurance, etc.
RMB 49,800 for the 1-year Master’s Degree

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